About Us

Microgsolutions have been building, designing and maintaining driveways for over twenty-five years.

When you hire our company, you are also hiring a quarter of a century of experience and expertise.

We don’t simply install your driveway and walk away, we want to do everything in our power to maintain it for as long as possible – so you don’t have to see us again for another twenty years!

Because twenty years is the minimum that your asphalt driveway should last, with the correct care and maintenance.

We want your asphalt driveway to live for as long as it can do, so our team will help give advice and education on the best ways to do this.

We recommend sealcoating approximately twelve to eighteen months after the driveway is laid.

Because we are so sure that our driveways will last, we guarantee all our asphalting jobs for five years.

If the driveway breaks up within this time, we will replace and repair it, free of charge. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your asphalt will never crack, if it completely fails we will replace it.

The fact is though, if you maintain one of our driveways correctly, it is highly unlikely to completely break up.

Even with the vigorous demands of the freeze-thaw cycle and the damage that hot weather can do to asphalt, it is still unlikely to destroy a well laid and well-maintained driveway.

Our staff are all well experienced and courteous at all times. We never talk you into anything that you are not 100% sure about.

And we explain the process to you, every step along the way. This way you will understand what is happening and why.

Our services are not just limited to our domestic customers, we also offer a comprehensive package for businesses and corporations – please contact us for a free quotation today!